LightYX is disrupting the age-old process of construction using its breakthrough machine vision technology, that turns blueprints into field tools.


LightYX, a revolutionary con-tech startup backed by top-notch investors, was founded in 2018 by a team of engineers and construction professionals. They came together in seeking to find a solution to an age-old problem in the business of constructing: human error in the implementation of BIM (3D plans), or blueprints, causing large and unnecessary costs, and delaying the finalization of projects.

In today’s world of modernization, industries have been propelled towards their future using technologies that perfect the art of industry, whilst construction has for the most part, been left behind. So let’s modernise construction!

This is exactly what LightYX has achieved – disrupting the age-old process of construction, and giving it a modern twist. In doing so, LightYX has provided the solution that thousands of construction workers and managers around the world have been desperately in need of.

APR‏‏ Technology: LightYX has developed a unique, proprietary, machine vision, technology that turns blueprints into interactive field tools. Its purpose is to ensure that construction workers are able to correctly implement 2D & 3D plans on the first go, whilst managers are able to continuously monitor the implementation process.

As such, the APR‏‏™ technology has created a new category in the technological field that addresses the concerns of so many in construction. 

There’s something in it for everyone:

For construction workers – The APR‏‏™ technology digitizes the way we see blueprints, making 3D plans easier to read and implement than ever before. Thus, jobs will become less-time consuming with almost zero mistakes and zero blame.

For managers – The APR‏‏™ technology allows managers to continuously monitor the progress of implementation without disrupting the work. Managers will also benefit from being able to spot mistakes at the earliest stages of a project, before it’s too late.

For the business – companies that operate in this market will be able to service their customers in the most efficient way possible, keeping them ahead of the industry. Perhaps most importantly for the business, the APR‏‏™ technology promises to lower costs, improve efficiency and shorten construction cycles.

Contact the LightYX team to find out more about how you can get ahead with the APR‏‏™ technology.